CESIS Research Seminars spring 2016

Publicerad 2016-02-16

CESIS welcomes you a to our seminar series where we discuss research on innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge dispersion, financing, and other related issues!

During the spring both invited speakers and CESIS affiliated scholars will present their research.

You are more than welcome to join!
Time: Tuesdays (see dates below) at 12.00-13.00
Place: KTH, INDEK, Lindstedsvägen 30.
Registration and more information: Johanna Palmberg ( johanna.palmberg@indek.kth.se ).

Please bring your own lunch!

Lunch seminars (12.00-13.00) the following Tuesdays:

Date Presenter Paper Place
19/04 Pär Hansson, professor in Economics, Örebro University and Growht Analysis "Effects of foreign acquisitions on R&D and high-skilled activities" Room-322

Rikard Forslid, professor in Economics, Stockholm University

"Early agglomeration or late agglomeration?: Two phases of development with spatial sorting" Room-322
17/05 Monia Lougui, PhD student, INDEK "Team composition in pushed and pulled spin-outs" Room-322
31/05 Johan Nyström, Ph.D.,  Researcher & Deputy Director, Centre for Transportstudies, KTH The balance of unbalanced bidding (+ introduction to transport economics at CTS/KTH) Room-643