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CESIS (Centre of Excellence for Science and Innovation Studies) is a research center with the mission to organize and carry out studies of innovation systems. CESIS is funded by VINNOVA, KTH and JIBS.

CESIS recently achieved the overall assessment "Outstanding at the forefront of international research". According to the worldwide REPEC-system CESIS ranks high in terms of research output and research impact. CESIS is among the top 5 % institutions in the world focused on innovation research.

New publications

Braunerhjelm, P., & Torbjörn, T. (2018) Born Globals - Presence, performance and prospects. Industrial Business Review

Zhao, Z., Broström, A. & J. Cai (2018) Promoting academic engagement: university context and individual characteristics. Journal of Technology Transfer

Baum, C., Lööf, H., & Nabavi, P.(2018) Innovation strategies, external knowledge and productivity growth. Industry and Innovation

Åstebro, T., Braguinsky, S., Braunerhjelm, P., & Broström, A. (2018) Academic Entrepreneurship: Bayh-Dole versus the “Professor’s Privilege”. Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Nyström. K.(2018) Entrepreneurship after displacement. Small Business Economics.

Journal publications

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