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2018 WoS IF AJG (ABS)
Larsson, J.,P., & Thulin, P. (2018) Corporate Independent by necessity? The life satisfaction of necessity and opportunity entrepreneurs in 70 countries. Small Business Economics 2.852 3
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2017 WoS IF AJG (ABS)
Ahlin, L., Andersson, M., & Thulin, P.(2017) Human capital sorting: The “when” and “who” of the sorting of educated workers to urban regions. Journal of Regional Science. 1.743 3
Martinsson, G., & Brown., J (2017) Does Transparency Stifle or Facilitate Innovation? Management Science. 2.822 4*
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Mohammadi, A., & Shafi, K. (2017) Gender differences in the contribution patterns of equity-crowdfunding investors. Small Business Economics. 2.421 3
2016 WoS IF AJG (ABS)

Brown, J., Martinsson, G., & Petersen, B. (2016) What promotes R&D? Comparative evidence from around the world. Research Policy

3.470 4
Nyström, K. (2016) Regional resilience to displacement. Regional Studies 1.987 3
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2.145 4
Colombo, M., Cumming, D., Mohammadi, A., Rossi-Lamastra, C., & Wadhwa, A (2016). Open Business Models and Venture Capital Finance. Industrial and Corporate Change. 2.183 3
2015 WoS IF AJG (ABS)
Backman, M., & Lööf, H.(2015) The geography of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Annals of Regional Science. 1.651 2
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2.821 4

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2.821 4
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2014 Download Bibliography
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European Journal of Law and Economics



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2013 Download Bibliography
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