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On January 25th 2013 Zara Daghbashyan successfully defended her PhD Thesis

Published Feb 01, 2013

“University Efficiency Analysis and Entrepreneurship among University Graduates”

Three out of five essays included in the thesis deal with the efficiency of higher education institutions (HEI) and two with the entrepreneurship among university graduates. The efficiency of HEIs is analyzed at three different levels: units of one university, universities of one country and universities of a group of European countries. The two essays on entrepreneurship among university graduates are based on a unique dataset encompassing individual level data on all employees registered in the Swedish labor market. The first essay explores the differences in entrepreneurial choice of graduates from different universities. The second paper on entrepreneurship aims at explaining the high interest in entrepreneurship among arts graduates. Find articles here »

Belongs to: CESIS
Last changed: Feb 01, 2013