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CESIS Research

A key feature of the CESIS research environment is the development of extensive databases for innovation studies. These databases originate from Statistics Sweden, based on individuals and companies, covering the entire population of people, companies, industries and regions in Sweden. Over time, CESIS has supplemented these databases with other essential information such as world-wide patent statistics, information on trademarks and composition of board of directors. Today, the CESIS environment offers world-class microdata for innovation research.

Since 2004, about 30 researchers within the CESIS network have published several hundred international peer-reviewed scientific papers in field-specialized journals, special issues around particular topics and in top-ranked journals. In addition, several book volumes and edited journals have been released, and CESIS working paper series is approaching 500 scientific works. The researchers have also participated in public commissions on economics, taxes and regulations. Research has been carried out on behalf of government and regional authorities as well as international bodies.

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Last changed: Feb 22, 2019