Science Omega Review Europe is now available online.

Published Apr 25, 2013

The inaugural edition of Science Omega Review Europe is now available online. The newest iteration of our science and technology publication combines updated themes with fresh design, all hosted on the companion website .

This edition opens with an excellent Foreword by Charlie Karlsson, President of the European Regional Science Association, looking at the utilisation of knowledge and the development of European skills to deliver growth. It goes on to look at the challenges that must be faced to ensure a globally-competitive research environment through key infrastructure development and more efficient use of funding.

Highlighting a range of topical areas, this issue includes a look at the challenges involved in the design and construction of the skyscrapers that are becoming increasingly prevalent in our cities, the contentious issue of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) for shale gas, and the competitiveness of the European space sector. Science Omega Review Europe explores further areas such as education, the environment, health, policy and investment, through to research and practical application.