In collaboration with international partners CESIS arranges a 2 days CDM workshop in Paris October 9 and 10.

 In 1998, the seminal paper Research Innovation and Productivity: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level was published. This paper, commonly labeled CDM (the acronym of the three authors’ names, Crépon, Duguet and Mairesse) is one of the most influential contributions in recent literature on economics of innovation. The original CDM paper and papers inspired by its framework have received thousands  of citations in the empirical innovation literature.

The Paris workshop is the second in a process that aims to critically discuss questions such as: How relevant is the CDM framework? To What Extent did it result from the availability of new micro-economic data almost two decades ago, provided in particular by the Community Innovation Surveys in European countries? To what exent does it reflect the micro econometric state of the art in the 1990s? How can the CDM framework be enhanced and improved to answer questions today? How can we improve the understanding of the economics of innovation by the creative exploitation of the growing accessibility to regional, national and international databases?  In the Paris workshop,  selected “state-of-the-art” empirical research within the CDM-tradition will be be presented and dicussed.

CDM workshop program- Paris 9-10 of October

October 9
12.00 Rapid Lunch at GLOBE TROTTERS restaurant  See ABOVE


Paper 1: Ad Notten
The diffusion of the CDM framework: Was it a micro-breakthrough and why? 
Ad Notten, Jacques Mairesse, and Bart Verspagen

Paper 2: Anders Broström
The bibliometric footprints of the CDM-model
Anders Broström, Staffan Karlsson and Hans Lööf

  Coffee Break

Paper 3: Julie Delanote
Incorporating innovation subsidies in the CDM framework: empirical evidence from Belgium
Dirk Czarnitzki and Julie Delanote

Paper 4:  Bettina Peters
On dynamic CDM-model
Mark Roberts,  Bettina Peters, Van Anh Vuong

19.00 Dinner
October 10


Paper 5: Jacques Mairesse
On Innovation and welfare
Jordi Jaumandreu and Jacques Mairesse

Paper 6: Eric Bartelsman
On economics of innovation
Eric Bartelsman et al.

  Coffee Break

Paper 7: Stephane Robin
The importance of measurement errors in assessing the innovation-productivity relationship
Jacques Mairesse and Stephane Robin

Paper 8: Christopher Baum
New approaches to estimation of the R&D-innovation-productivity relationship among European firms
Christopher Baum, Hans Lööf, Pardis Nabavi and Andreas Stephan


Cristiano Antonelli
About the Special Issue of Economics of Innovation and New Technology and the ISI Web of Science Status of EINT


Paper 9:  Bronwyn Hall
Innovation, IP choice, and productivity: Evidence from UK firms
Bronwyn H. Hall, Vania Sena

Paper 10:  Pierre Mohnen
Revisiting the Porter hypothesis: An empirical analysis of green innovation for the Netherlands
George van Leeuwen and Pierre Mohnen

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